The Pier Life, founded in 2013, was originally a dream that quickly became reality over night. The love of pier fishing sparked the idea and has continued to grow in volumes. Our family has always been very close, so it came as no surprise that all hands were on deck when The Pier Life brand launched. Today we all work endlessly to get our brand acknowledged, and are enjoying every minute we spend Livin’ The Pier Life.


Zach - The Pier Life



If we need to know anything about pier fishing, Zach is our go-to guy. The first day he stepped on the pier as a little boy, he was hooked. Today he has helped us turn his hobby into a thriving business. Zach has recently graduated high school and is now attending college. He works full time at The Pier Life.







Brittani - The Pier Life



Brittani is part owner-operator of The Pier Life and is the brains of the operation. She graduated from college with honors in 2012 and currently has a Bachelors in Biology. When Brittani is not working, you can find her on a white sandy beach reading or taking pictures.





Bob - The Pier Life



Bob is the co-owner and mastermind of The Pier Life. His drive and dedication has got us to where we are today. He has brought the company to new levels and is very passionate about everything he does. When Bob is not working, you can find him fishing or playing with his Belgian Malawa, Bella.

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