Gulf State Park Pier

Gulf State Park Pier


Gulf  State Park Number: (251) 967-3474
Hours of Operation: 24/7
GPS Coordinates:
Base of Pier: 30.24897N – 87.667668W
End of Pier: 30.246556N – 87.667668W


Gulf Shores Pier is Open 24/7!


The newly constructed Gulf Shores Pier boasts an all-inclusive Bait Shop and Concession Stand at the beginning of the pier, both of which were not available on the old pier destroyed by Hurricane The Gulf State Park Pier - The Pier LifeIvan in 2004. Anglers have the opportunity to buy supplies at this one-stop shop and have the luxury of eating at the concession stand without missing any action!

Visitors will have plenty of elbow room on this record-setting pier because fishing space along the rails totals a massive 2,448 feet. Bring the whole family to enjoy the sunshine and ample amounts of fish on this 1,540 ft. long pier.

Gulf Shores Park Pier also offers these great amenities to visitors:

-Indoor seating at the concession area

-Indoor retail area for tackle and souvenirs

-Comfort stations and restrooms at the midpoint of the pier

-Wheelchair accessible rail fishing.


*A Saltwater fishing license is required for everyone 16 years and older. License can be purchased at the Pier.
*Alabama residents 65 and up are NOT required to have a saltwater fishing license.
*Gulf State Park Pier has non-resident annual Pier Fishing License, it can be purchased at the Pier for $11

Daily Fishing Permit……………$8.00
Weekly Fishing Permit………….$40.00
Semi-Annual Fishing Permit……..$80.00
Annual Fishing Permit………….$320.00
Sightsee (All Day)…………….$3.00
Sightsee (One Trip)……………$2.00

Under 12 yrs (free with paying adult)

Daily Fishing Permit (w/out paying adult)….$4.00
Weekly Fishing Permit (w/out paying adult)…$10.00
Monthly Fishing Permit (w/out paying adult)..$20.00
Semi-Annual Fishing Permit (w/out paying adult)..$40.00
Annual Fishing Permit (w/out paying adult)……$50.00
Sightsee (All Day)…………..FREE with paying adult
Sightsee (One Trip)………….FREE with paying adult


Gulf State Park Pier Rules and Regulations

-Limit of 6 rods per fisherman (additional rods brought will be charged $3.50 each)

-No trolley fishing permitted

-Bottom fishing up-wind/up current

-Float fishing down-wind/down-current

-One fishing rod in use at a time

-Salt water fishing license required

-One crab basket per person (no wire baskets)(cannot be left unattended and you cannot crab and fish at the same time)

-Catch must be placed in container within 10 minutes

-Keep tackle and bait OFF of tables and benches

-Cut your bait at cleaning tables or bait cutting tables only

-Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult at all times

-No standing or sitting on rails

-No jumping/diving off of pier

-No alcohol allowed on pier

-No cooking on pier

Recreational Size and Creel Limits for Alabama State Waters

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Gulf State Park Pier - The Pier Life     Gulf shores pier - The Pier Life

Gulf Shores Pier - The Pier Life


With all of these added features, guests will be able to enjoy the beautiful Emerald Coast while fishing in comfort and style.
For more information please contact the pier at:
(251) 967-FISH(3474) or [email protected]

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