Gulf State Park Pier – History

 Gulf State Park Pier History


Conveniently located in the Alabama Gulf State Park between Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, Alabama, the Gulf Shores State Park Pier was ceremoniously reopened in July 2009 after the original pier was destroyed by hurricane Ivan in 2004.
Unquestionably the longest pier in the Gulf of Mexico, Gulf Shores State Park Pier is a remarkable 1,540 feet long and roughly 41,800 square feet. Taking about eighteen months to build and costing a little over $14.8 million, the state park officials have made it their top priority to keep the pier in tip-top shape and continue to improve it on a daily basis to make sure visitors have the best experience possible when they come to see this magnificent structure.

Located at the end of the pier, approximately twelve artificial reefs have been placed advantageously to ensure fishermen have the opportunity to catch an abundance of fish. These artificial reefs are constructed mostly of limestone coral and crushed parts of the old pier creating a “natural” environment for the fish. These reefs provide a natural cave-like Gulf State Park Pier History - The Pier Lifehabitat for all sorts of sea-life including, but not limited to, grouper, oysters, and redfish.


These smaller animals help to attract the larger fish that visitors come from near and far to catch. By improving and cultivating the habitat around the pier, fishermen are able to catch progressively more species of fish daily, therefore making Gulf Shores State Park Pier one of the best fishing piers in Alabama.
This pier is also equipped with an abundance of premiere accessories both fishermen and tourists will love. These features include concession stands with air conditioning for those hot summer days, beautiful souvenirs, and a convenient bait and tackle shop. The pier is also wheelchair accessible allowing all guests to be able to enjoy its beauty. Restrooms located at the entrance and mid-point of the pier and shaded areas will help to relieve visitors of the blazing south Alabama sun. Numerous picnic tables and benches allow guests and families to enjoy the action going on around them.


For the avid fishermen, rail fishing, cleaning stations, and electrical outlets every 100 feet on both sides of the pier are provided to all who fish at this pier. Lastly, turtle-friendly lighting for the ones who would like to try their hand at night fishing. With all of these amazing amenities the Gulf Shores State Park Pier has to offer, guests may have a hard time finding a reason to leave!
The pier is open for fishing 24/7 with the concessions stand and store open from 7am-5pm daily. If you would like to find out more information on the Gulf Shores State Park Pier, please visit our General Information Page.


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