Pensacola History

Pensacola Beach Pier History


Located on Casino Beach, the Pensacola Beach Pier is one of the most treasured icons in the city of Pensacola, Florida. Dating back all the way to the 1930’s, this pier has seen and been through it all. When the Santa Rosa Island Authority decided to build this fantastic structure, they had no idea that it would still be around eighty years later.

Built of sturdy wood, the original pier offered amenities including a restaurant known for fresh fish sandwiches and a fabulous tackle shop. The only hurricanes to truly affect the pier negatively were the category 4 Hurricane Opal in 1995 and the category 2 Hurricane Erin during the 1990’s.

Original Pensacola Pier 1937

Original Pensacola Pier 1937

After these hurricanes did a number on the original wooden pier, the Island Authority made the conscious decision in 1998 to construct a new state-of-the-art pier with concrete pilings, and they also expanded the pier in width.

Until the Gulf Shore State Park Pier was opened in 2009, the Pensacola Pier was the longest pier in the Gulf of Mexico measuring a whopping 1,471 feet. That is almost the length of five football fields! So if you plan on walking the entire length of the pier, be sure to wear appropriate shoes!

In 2001, the Island Authority made the decision to give Sunset Holding a ten year contract to operate and maintain the pier. Afterwards, the pier was decked out with a new bait and tackle shop, restaurant, and gift shop. Because of these renovations made by Sunset Holding’s Mike Pinzone and Chris Cadenhead, Pensacola Pier is now considered to be the third largest visitor attraction in the entire region.

Many local attractions are currently within walking distance of the pier. If you should get a little too much sun, look no further than the Gulfside Pavilion located right next to the pier. This pavilion offers a place to watch the action on the pier while also getting a much needed break from the Florida sun. If you enjoy the Blue Angels, you will not want to miss the annual Blues Over the Beach airshow. No matter you and your family love to do, the Pensacola Pier will not disappoint!1

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