How to Fish

Whether your goal is to relax with friends, catch your next meal, or get away from it all, here are a few tips on how to pier fish. However before going out and spending a fortune on fishing equipment decide what type of fish you are after!

If you are targeting Spanish Mackerel you need to purchase swivels and steel leaders. Some of our favorite “must have” jigs are Got-Cha™ Plugs, Yo Zuri® and Looney Jigs.

Things You May Need


Rod and Reel

pier life - pier fishingThe first and most important thing is a rod and reel. For starters you should purchase an open face reel with 12 to 15 pound tested line. If you are planning on going after larger fish it is important to purchase a standard fishing rod that can hold a range of 15 to 30 pound line. (The pound testing number represents the resistance strength of the fishing pole.) Do not go crazy buying a huge expensive rod starting off, a medium sized rod will do.



Treble hooks are the most common hooks used on the pier. There are all different sizes of hooks and the size depends on the type of fish you are after. Lures are very important when pier fishing. If the baitfish are not biting, the lures will be your only way of attracting fish. Some of the most popular brands are Got-Cha™ Plugs, Yo Zuri® and Looney Jigs, and those are just a few.


Pliers and Knives

A good pair of pliers is a definite must have. Most of the fish caught off the pier have very sharp teeth, and the pliers will come in handy when removing hooks from your catch. Also carrying a good knife for cutting line or fish is an important item to have on hand.


Tackle Boxpier fishing - The Pier Life

Having a good tackle box or something to keep your tackle in is always a good idea. There is nothing more frustrating than unorganized tackle. It may be a bit of an investment, but we promise it will be a good one.



Before visiting a pier take time to research local bait and tackle stores in the area. Those places should have the best variety of products for pier fishing or feel free to scroll down and purchase our “Starter Kit.” If you are looking to catch your own bait, do not fear. Certain times of the year baitfish can be caught with a Sabiki Rig.


Best Time to Fish

The best times to fish are often early mornings or late afternoons. It’s also important to check the local tide and weather reports before heading to the pier. (You can find select weather and tide reports here:


Position of the Pier

There are many places to fish on the pier. Depending on the type of fish you are after will determine what position you should take. Typically the larger fish will be caught towards the end of the pier. The water is deeper and holds a higher chance of catching big game.



You may get discouraged your first couple of times out on the pier, but if you stick with it over time you will become a great pier fisherman. Just be patient and get out there and try it. I promise when you hook up on your first fish it will be worth the wait.

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